Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns

Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns
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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sailboats Fair and Fine # 41 : read oldest posts first

Here is one of the occasional hunting fishing lodges along the waterway in Georgia. Most lodges are back in the trees on land.

Nov.18,Tuesday ( Georgene's Log )

It was still foggy this morning. WE waited and ate breakfast and about 9a.m. We decided to go anyway-carefully. We motored on compass courses from marker to marker until after noon. The fog slowly lifted and we had a few hours coming down the Coosaw River that we could see. It was still partly cloudy and chilly. We wanted to get as far as Beaufort S.C. ( pronounced Bufort If you prononce wrong you'll be told) and it was dark when we anchored.

Nov 19,Wed.

We probably should have stayed here a couple of days in Beaufort. We had to wait until 9: oo A.M. to get through the swing Bridge and then we stopped at the city marina for fuel and water. It was really a nice marina with a laundramat and store and the town had stores( groceries etc. ) very close to the water front. We may stop on the way N orth next spring and spend a couple days. Now we just want to get farther south- quick. We decided to try and get as far as Thunderbolt Ga. At mile 583. We sailed a good part of the day which we haven't done a lot of since we crossed the Albermarele Sound. We really made good time and we thought we would be anchored by 5P.M. We didn't count on waiting on a couple of bridges to open though and it was about 6 when we dropped the hook just about a mile past Thunderbolt.

Nov. 20, Thursday Georgenes log

We started off early this morning in the rain. It's been raining all day and still is. Although we anchored early,about 3pm we traveled about 45 miles today. It started raining harder and we were wet, cold and tired so we decided to call it a day. We ducked in a little creek off the waterway and dropped our Anchors.

Nov. 21 Friday Georgenens Log

We got up this morning to find that we had anchored in a very pretty spot. The sun was coming up and not many clouds. Cold, but clear today most of the day we were in narrow creeks bordered by marsh grass. It's really funny to be going along and see grass for miles and miles and see other sailboats maybe a mile or so away and it looks like there in the middle of a field. You can't see the next creek or river until you get right to the markers to make a turn. Every so often you see a tree or a little clump of trees on the bank and then grass for miles and miles. The sun came out this afternoon nice and warm. It's really been a nice day.

It's odd to me that everyone complains about going through Georgia. It's only a hundred miles and It's just a grassy wilderness kind of like so much of the Carolina's are forest wildernesses. When you do come on a fishing shack it's a treat. Running ranges is a little difficult at first but you soon get the hang of it. It sure keeps you in the channel. With little creeks coming in from the sides of the waterway and a current coming out of them you would soon find yourself setting on a mud flat without range markers to line up fore and aft.

When the tide is in Your sails are well above the grass and there is lots of motor sailing to be don. The waterway is so crooked purely sailing would be difficult. A lot of boats go off shore through this section of the country. Ihave met a lot of people in the Bahamas that have never been down the waterway they always go offshore. I always try to talk them into traveling the intracoastal once anyway, it's a beautiful trip but I guess not for everyone.

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