Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns

Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Moron Brothers

Now here's some fellers that knows a little sumpin about messin around on the water. Play a little music, sing a little, fish some and fry'em. Then they eats'em. Not a one of'm knows nothen about catch and release. I'd Guess! They don't worry none  about runin lights. They poops in a pot and I bet the throw it in the woods.  No water pollution worries for them??   From the looks of the shanty they built I bet it took a dozen cases of beer to make her as crooked as she looks.   Then theres a guy in a little push boat boat with an outboard on her. She ain' got no numbers on her, so I bet she ain't registerd with no inland game and fisheries.   Can't say I blame them not for not signen up with some body named Inland Game and Fisheries.  Heck they ain't inland they's on the water. Any way's!

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