Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns

Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns
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Saturday, February 3, 2007


Sorry about posting the Dundalk blog post here yesterday. Confusing for most I suspect. Don't feel bad I was confused to.


During the night something walked across my face I smacked at it and felt something run down my cheek. I figured it was bug juice so I got up and went into the head and looked in the mirror. I had some green liquid on my face Not just a little green but bright green. I washed it off then noticed a bug crawling across the floor It was leaving trail of the same green, then I saw several more and caught them. And opened the hatch to throw them out and the topsides where brown and green. I got the flash light and looked around the deck, and it was covered almost solid with bugs. They looked like lightning bugs but were half again bigger. There was green all over the topsides. I got my cloths on and went out and got a bucket and sluiced the decks and everything on deck, awnings sail bags water jugs all of it. When the decks were pretty much cleared of them I began mopping and flooding the decks with brown water.
There was no more sleep that night because there were a lot of bugs in the boat. They had crawled in through the ventilators. That was one of those jobs that never got done. We had talked about making screens for the vents but it just never happened.
We spent a lot of time catching bugs and cleaning green poop. When the sun came up we made a bee line out of there. I spent a great deal of the day swabbing and washing down the boat. It seemed I couldn't get rid of the darn things . Every time I swabbed the decks more showed up. Finally Georgene said look up the mast and sure enough there were bugs all over the rigging. I threw buckets of water as high as I could reach and then unfurled the sails and a blue million of them hit the decks when I hoisted them. When I thought I was rid of them I dropped the sails and scrubbed them on the deck with mop and soapy water. I worked a good hour on the mess after we left. Then got some sail up for a good sail..

Tomorrows post will be a day out of Georgene's Log bOOK.

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