Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns

Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns
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Sunday, February 4, 2007

China's sailing history:

Hello to my readers in North Korea and China.
On the e-mail forum " Boatdesign@yahoogroups.com " there is an e-mail thread going on called: Any group members in China? It turns out there aren't any and there is an argument going on about China's part in Pacific trade and the landing on America's west coast during ancient times maybe two to four thousand years ago.
So far there have been one hundred and nine posts on the subject. This subject is off topic but any of you that have any knowledge where eastern boat design are concerned should get in there and give us the benefit of your knowledge. Of course you have to join to group, so when you do there will be some members from China and Korea.

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