Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns

Of Mooncursers and other Spun yarns
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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sailboats Fair and Fine# 29: read oldest posts First

Boats anchored off Beaufort N.C. and the next one is a wild pony on the beach.

Georgene's log again today and a few more then I'll get back to describing some things that went on.

Monday, Oct,30

We started off early again this morning. Doug really likes to get going early. I have a little bit harder time getting up. It's been so cold the last few mornings. I could have easily stayed under the covers until noon. We got away before 7AM and it was almost 6pm when we anchored this evening. Belhaven was at mile135 and we crossed mile 200 this evening and anchored at Beaufort N.C. We motored most of the time but had a few nice quiet sailing hours down the Neuse River. Woftrap was anchored just across the channel from the board walk. Every one coming south on the ICW must stop at Beaufort. ( pronounced “Boford as aposed to Beaufort S.C.)” There are dozens of boats anchored in a space 100 yds. X ½ mile long. We row the dingy across the channel-about 100 yds. and there are docks all up and down the boardwalk and shore with dozens more boats tied up.

We stayed at Beaufort Tues. and Wed. Tuesday we walked all over the place and mostly looked. We found Hardees and had some ice cream. We also found a book store and I got some more paper backs for our bookshelf.

Wednesday we did our laundry and after bringing it back to the boat and having lunch, we visited the muse um. It was very nice. Doug especially likes to see all those old boats and enjoyed all the old pictures. We stopped at a very nice restaurant called Mikes and had had coffee and apple pie, then came back to the boat. I've been resting and writing while Doug's gone to fill water jugs at the dock and rowed the dingy to the little beach behind us to go walking. I guess it's a little island and their are ponies all over it. I saw some of them down on the beach this morning. It's still awfully cold at night and we are anxious to get farther south.

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